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Citizens Fight Buyout Of Their Rights

In Nevada, Question 1 on the November ballot is better known as Bloomberg's Background Check Initiative. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending millions to bring his big-city gun control to states across the nation. But Nevada's Second Amendment supporters aren't fooled and they refuse to have their votes bought by the billionaire, so they're working non-stop urger voters to defeat the initiative.

Question 1 is one of the most restrictive gun-control measures the Silver State has ever seen. If passed, it would result in virtually every transfer of a firearm in Nevada being subjected to federal record keeping and a background check. The initiative does nothing to stop criminals or address the broken mental health system, but rather creates a massive regulatory scheme that disproportionately impacts law-abiding gun owners. Learn more about Question 1 here: Vote No on Question 1.

Help Us Defend The Silver State

Help us defend the Second Amendment rights of all Nevadans against Bloomberg's Gun Control Initiative.


Bloomberg isn't going to stop trying to take away your personal freedoms, so be sure to stay informed with the latest information.