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Whether it's picking up the phone, going door-to-door, contacting your representatives or spreading the word at local events, you can be an important part of ensuring that Nevada's gun-control initiative is rejected. And don't forget to register to vote and turn out on election day!

Become An NRA-ILA FrontLines Volunteer

Let's Stop Question 1!

NRA-ILA has deployed two Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) in Nevada to rally gun owners in opposition to Question 1, as well as to elect pro-gun candidates to office in the 2016 elections.  Please contact the CFR nearest you to volunteer with their grassroots efforts or fill out the form below.
Saul Rios
Reno Campaign Field Representative
Kevin Kam
Las Vegas Campaign Field Representative
You may also contact NRA-ILA's permanent Grassroots Field Coordinator, Keely Hopkins, at phone/email, for additional information on getting involved or fill out the form below.
Keely Hopkins
Nevada NRA-ILA Grassroots Coordinator

NRA-ILA FrontLines is comprised of NRA-ILA's most dedicated volunteers who work vigorously at the local, state and federal levels to defend our Second Amendment rights. This election cycle is the perfect example why we need members and pro-gun activists like yourself to get involved in the fight.

Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies have set their sights on Nevada and by working with our Campaign Field Representatives and dedicated Election Volunteer Coordinators, FrontLines members have the opportunity to show them just how serious we are about protecting our Second Amendment rights.

Join us on the FrontLines TODAY so that we can guarantee our Second Amendment rights for tomorrow!


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Ways You Can Take Action Now

Election Day 2016 will be here before you know it and, to ensure this gun-control initiative is rejected, we need your active participation now!

Every vote counts! Defeating this initiative will require that every single freedom-loving Nevadan get registered and show up at the polls on election day.

Once you've registered, find out now where you go to vote. Use the tool below to find your polling place, track your absentee ballot or view a sample ballot. 

Help Us Defend The Silver State

Help us defend the Second Amendment rights of all Nevadans against Bloomberg's Gun Control Initiative.


Bloomberg isn't going to stop trying to take away your personal freedoms, so be sure to stay informed with the latest information.